Monday, January 11, 2010

What is a capital market?

The capital market is a market where securities that  that has a long-term maturity are traded. These include treasury notes, treasury bonds, normal and preferential stocks. Generally securities with a maturity of greater than 1 years are traded in it. As you can see all securities that are not traded in the money market are traded in the capital market. The name capital market also indicate that companies and government raise  capital in this market.

The capital market is divided into two different markets. Firstly the stock market also known as the equity market where normal and preferential stocks are traded. Secondly the bond  market also known as the debt market where notes and bonds are traded.

Hence we can see that when companies and government need short term financing they raise funds in the money market whereas if they want to raise fund over the long term they would do so in the capital market.

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