Thursday, December 18, 2008

Introduction to investing

Have ever wondered how rich people got so much money and why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It seems that the world is set in such a way that money flows from the poor and the workers to the rich. You may also have plans such as retiring early, to send your children to university or to buy a dream house.

These things will not happen if you do not start right now. The key to your future plans lies in investing. This blog will be the place where you will learn all the secrets that will make investing easy. So hang on and keep reading.

Below you will find links to different categories of posts that will help you understand the world of investing.

Various investment articles
Various investment articles that might be of help to you but cannot be classified under any of the headings below.

Debt management
Debt is the mortal enemy of the investor. So find out here on how to reduce it.

Investment strategies
Analyzing the different information available to you, including economic data, financial information from companies, among others that will help you make the right decision.

Investment instruments

The investors instrument par excellence. They give high return but come with high risk. Not to be touch unless you are fully informed.

Versatile debt and investment instrument. Safe depending on the source, they offer decent return for a medium risk.

Certificate of deposits
The safest investment possible. They are secure and insured in most countries. However they offer a low return.

Gold and precious metals
The hedge instrument par excellence. they keep their values over time but do not give any return.

Real estates
Not for the amateur. Offer good return only if done by professionals.

Mutual funds
Nice instrument for those who cannot afford to learn about finance. Offer decent return with minimum risk.

Options, futures and other instruments
I personally do not go into those instruments but what the hell.

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